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Interlock Devices

MCLA §257.322 requires the installation of a “Breath alcohol ignition interlock device”, or BAIID, when a restricted license is given following a hearing. Expensive and inconvenient, these devices immobilize a vehicle when the drivers breath exhibits alcohol content in excess of some minimal tolerance. Unfortunately, for the person who has not been able to drive for a very long time, this intrusive inconvenience may be the only way they can get back on the road. 

These devices are designed to prevent startup when the driver is intoxicated; additionally, current models, the current interlock devices have a video feature, that takes a photograph of the test subject, for obvious reasons. 

Violations of the interlock program are divided into “minor” and “major” violations.  “Minor” violations include a failure to report the interlock vendor for monitoring, and three startup test failures within the first two months after the interlock device is installed. The sanction for a “minor violation” is a three-month extension of time, in which the interlock device must be endured, and complied with. 

“Major” violations include: 

  • A rolling retest failure (in other words, a failure of the test required while driving);
  • Attempts to tamper with, or circumvent the device; 
  • Three minor violations as defined above; and 
  • Removal of a device, except when it is reinstalled within seven days, with a certificate of installation being provided by the vendor, directly to the state.

Compliance in noncompliance are reported directly by the vendor to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. 

The devices and the companies themselves have rules that they issue to interlock "customers".  Here are the rules from two of the approved vendors in Michigan, Nationwide Interlock, and Smart Start; please note that there are four other companies providing these devices.

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