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Restoration Procedure For Those With Revoked/Suspended Licenses

After the period of minimum suspension (1 year for a first revocation; 5 years for a subsequent revocation, within 7 years of a prior revocation, the driver is eligible to re-apply, by requesting a hearing, on form SOS-257, which you can download here.  You will note that there are detailed procedures that you must follow, in order to get your hearing, and in order to put the right information before the Secretary of State, to get your license back.  You must be able to document at least 6 months of sobriety (or longer in certain other cases.

I have attached a note, outlining both the Secretary of State's requirements, and some of my thoughts on what type of documents you will need to submit, in support of a request for hearing, to get your license back. Please refer to the SOS-257, for details on what the State of Michigan will require.

Also, please remember that you must submit a "current" Substance Abuse Evaluation form, meaning one that pre-dates your Request for Hearing by no more than 90 days.  When you come to my office, and we set up the Request for Hearing, that will be the best time for you to make arrangements to have the Substance Abuse Evaluation done. Plan on a $200 - $400 additional cost for the Substance Abuse Evaluation (you will pay that to the provider, not to me).

The Substance Abuse Evaluation process required by the State, also includes both a validated "Michigan Alcohol Screening Test", or "M.A.S.T.", which I am attaching here, and a 10-panel drug screen, which I am not.  You might forecast how you will do on the "MAST", but unless you know your blood/urine will test clean, there is no way to forecast that.

Make sure that your blood and urine will test clean, when you go in for evaluation.  Marijuana metabolytes remain testable and present in your system.  It is better not to smoke at all, of course, but you cannot turn back the clock, so you might want to think about when to start the process, if you think this is going to be a problem. Usually, it will take about 30-50 days for the leftover cannabis residue (called "metabolites") to clear your system, depending on volume and frequency of use.  Here is a calculator, that might guide you in your thinking, as to how long marijuana might stay in your blood stream (I cannot vouch for its accuracy, but the related site contains some interesting information).  I am also attaching links to articles here and here, so that you can do some further reading on the subject.

Call me if I can be of help to you on this subject.

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