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Should I Go To AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or Not?

My own view is that if you feel you need to go, then go. Click here for a link to AA Meetings throughout Southeastern Michigan.

Many people in my license restoration practice recoil at the idea of discussing God or religion, and therefore avoid AA like the plague. There are meetings that de-emphasize formal religion, and many people feel more comfortable attending those meetings. Some folks prefer meetings where other attendees are like themselves, making them feel more at home; other folks prefer meetings with people nothing like themselves, in order to minimize the prospect of running into "AA people" socially, or in their work space. It really is up to you, and yes, you can shop meetings.

If you do decide to go, make sure that you document each and every visit. I am attaching here, an "AA Sign-In Sheet" to help you do just that.

If you have truly been abstinent (no liquor or drugs), without the intervention of AA, then going to AA is not going to fool anyone, and it will be unpleasant and unproductive as well.

Part of the license restoration process includes a current alcohol screening, with a professional, and if he/she feels that you need to pursue AA, then do so, immediately, even before being ordered to do so.

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A new driver, automatically deemed "probationary" for three years under MCLA §257.310d, demonstrates unsafe driving behaviors, including:
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Michigan is a big place, and particularly in the Detroit area, public transportation is often difficult and unreliable. Legally, driving is a privilege, but as a practical matter, it is an absolute necessity around Southeastern Michigan.
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The Michigan Secretary of State's Office requires driver re-examinations in the following situations, after which driving privileges are denied:
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