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What Are The Twelve Steps of AA?

I am linking right here, to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, and to their link to their "Twelve Steps", which you can click for further information.

I do not doubt that knowing these Twelve Steps, and really taking them to heart, might do you, me and everyone else some good. However, right or wrong, some of the Secretary of State Hearing Officers are taking this to extremes.

I recently had a hearing in which my 35 year old client was quizzed like a third-grader on whether he recalled, e.g, the 3rd, or the 6th (or whatever) of the Twelve Steps of AA. It was an unjust game of "gotcha" in my book.

My client was ultimately denied his restoration request, for an unrelated reason; he was denied, because he disclosed for the first time, the use of an alcohol-based mouthwash. This was directly against the rules for the Interlock device he had in his vehicle. 

While the hearing officer's childish treatment of my client, for not knowing which Step is the 3rd, and which is the 8th, etc, had NOTHING to do with the denial, it stood out in my mind. The Hearing Officer involved is not the only one who asks about them, and so I am linking to the AA site on the Twelve Steps.

It won't hurt you to memorize them, even if it is just for the sake of the hearing. Please note, though, that the Hearing Officer will ask you, "OK, so what does this Step mean to you?" If you are not learning about the Twelve Steps in an actual AA setting, it might pay for you to review the link, with a pen and paper, so you can learn the steps, commit as many to memory as you can, and learn if only in broad outline, what each of them mean. DO NOT expect to be able to BS your way through this; if you have to review these like you did, "back in school", then so be it. Getting your license back is worth it.

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A new driver, automatically deemed "probationary" for three years under MCLA §257.310d, demonstrates unsafe driving behaviors, including:
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Michigan is a big place, and particularly in the Detroit area, public transportation is often difficult and unreliable. Legally, driving is a privilege, but as a practical matter, it is an absolute necessity around Southeastern Michigan.
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The Michigan Secretary of State's Office requires driver re-examinations in the following situations, after which driving privileges are denied:
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