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Why a New Driver's License May be Suspended

A new driver, automatically deemed "probationary" for three years under MCLA §257.310d, demonstrates unsafe driving behaviors, including:

  • Incurring a 4-point driving offense;
  • Incurring three traffic offenses; or
  • Incurring 6 or more total points

Despite the stricter regulations placed on new drivers, an attorney may still be able to help restore a new drivers license much sooner than originally mandated.

Need more details on unsafe driving behaviors?

We will go over the details so you can gain clear insight on these behaviors

Learn more about Michigan Drivers License Restoration Laws & Options.

Michigan is a big place, and particularly in the Detroit area, public transportation is often difficult and unreliable. Legally, driving is a privilege, but as a practical matter, it is an absolute necessity around Southeastern Michigan.
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The Michigan Secretary of State's Office requires driver re-examinations in the following situations, after which driving privileges are denied:
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Since 2003, the State of Michigan has levied fines, called “Driver Responsibility Fees”, in an effort to help shift to what the Secretary of State's Office Drivers’ License Appeal Manual refers to as “high-risk drivers”.  .. Continue reading.

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