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Don't Confront or Irritate Officers - Cooperate

Just Because You Have Rights Does Not Mean You Should Confront Police Officers -- Cooperate With Officers. Police officers have dangerous and difficult work protecting the rest of us, and they deserve our respect and courtesy.

Do not  anger or alienate police officers, who are often on-edge, well-armed, and are usually in great physical shape. Most are doing  only what they think is their job. Most will treat you professionally and courteously; even if they do not, allow them to process  you as they will. You will have no choice, in any event. If the police have violated your rights, Richmond attorney Jon Frank can help.

However, you will need to consult with an MIP attorney like Jon Frank, to determine if your rights have been violated on an  MIP charge, and you will need to call The Frank Law Firm, PC to protect your rights, even where the police have conducted  themselves appropriately, as they most often do.  Contact Richmond/Macomb/Metro Detroit Area attorney Jon Frank, at (586) 727-1900, or by email, at jon@jonfranklaw.com. Jon will take immediate steps to protect your legal rights.

I strongly advise against fighting an MIP charge on your own. Is it really worth the gamble when this could end up following you around (perhaps even haunting you) for the rest of your life? Your first step should be consulting with a lawyer who handles minor in possession cases on a regular basis. Call Jon Frank today.

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Just Because You Got Busted Doesn't Mean You Don't Have Rights 
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