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What MIP Law Says - Guidelines for Charges

The MIP Statute: MCLA §436.1703

You can be charged with an MIP, if you are a minor, who:

  1. Buys, or attempts to buy alcohol;
  2. Consumes, or tries to consume alcohol; or
  3. Has blood alcohol content of .02% or higher (as opposed to the adult standard of .08% for drunk driving).

How To Avoid MIP Charges In The First Place, as a Minor

(these may seem obvious, but breaking any of the below guidelines could land you behind bars):

  1. Do not buy, attempt to buy, consume or attempt to consume alcohol; it is more trouble than it is worth;
  2. Repeat No. 1;
  3. Avoid hanging with the crowd that is going to get you in this kind of trouble;
  4. Avoid those public places, where police are known to bust underage MIP suspects; in big cities and small towns, we all know where those places are. Supermarket parking lots are often police favorites for MIP “trawling”.

Want to know more about charges and how to avoid them?

We will go over guidelines for charges and how to avoid them, altogether

Learn more about Michigan Minor in Possesion Laws & Protections.

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