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You Still Have Rights with an MIP Charge

Just Because You Got Busted Doesn't Mean You Don't Have Rights 

Because an MIP charge is a criminal charge, you are entitled to the protections of Michigan and Federal law.

We have all heard of parties being busted by police, where underage drinking is suspected; responding police officers often require the minors at the scene to submit to breath tests on the scene.

Did you know that police officers are not allowed to force underage pedestrians to submit to a breath test before reaching the police station, at least not without a search warrant? 

Did you know that officers are supposed to observe an MIP (or any other drunk driving) suspect for at least 15 minutes to make sure that the suspect has nothing in their mouths (e.g., chewing gum, candy, potato chips, anything) that could potentially interfere with the PBT/DataMaster alcohol test?

Understanding these and the many other rights you still have could result in all minor in possession charges being dropped with appropriate legal counsel.

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Learn more about Michigan Minor in Possesion Laws & Protections.

Just Because You Have Rights Does Not Mean You Should Confront Police Officers -- Cooperate With Officers. Police officers have dangerous and difficult work protecting the rest of us, and they deserve our respect and courtesy... Continue reading.

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