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What Do You Need To Worry About With a Traffic Ticket?

Plenty. Here are just a few items:

  1. Skyrocketing auto insurance costs;
  2. Skyrocketing auto insurance costs;
  3. Points;
  4. Your Future Driving Record - Even if You Move Out-of-State/Canada;
  5. Employment Requiring Clean Driving Record;
  6. Secretary of State's "Driver Responsibility Fees"; and
  7. (did I mention) Skyrocketing auto insurance costs.

Just like individuals, local city, county and state governments have experienced tight budgets, with the recent downturn in the economy.  And, just as individuals need to bring in additional revenues to make ends meet, so too, do local governments need to bring in cash to meet their needs. 

Police officers involved in traffic enforcement functions perform important duties in keeping the public safe.  Sadly, they are often seen and treated by their employers as mobile "profit centers", who are expected not just to keep the public safe, and to prevent crime, but also to generate money for the city, county and state government agencies they work for.

Unfortunately, the traffic citation that seems like a minor inconvenience today, may result in your auto insurance costs skyrocketing, that is, if your existing insurer will continue to provide you coverage.  Indeed, your insurance may become so expensive that you have to drop your auto insurance coverage, to make it affordable, creating a host of potentially bigger problems.

Need more info on problems associated with traffic tickets?

We can go over the problems associated with traffic tickets and how to avoid them

Learn more about Michigan Traffic Ticket Laws & Protections.

The thought must go through your mind: if I have to pay the fine anyway, isn't hiring a lawyer simply going to make the financial inconvenience of a traffic ticket, only that much more expensive?
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Most commonly, traffic tickets are negotiated out with a City Attorney or County Prosecutor. You will need some idea what can and cannot be negotiated in or out of your traffic matter. Experienced representation gives you the legal edge you may need to defend your traffic violation. That doesn't mean you can't represent yourself, but honestly, how much trust would you put in yourself when it comes to as task where you have zero experience. 
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