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Michigan License Restoration Laws, Protections, & Articles

A new driver, automatically deemed "probationary" for three years under MCLA §257.310d, demonstrates unsafe driving behaviors, including:
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Michigan is a big place, and particularly in the Detroit area, public transportation is often difficult and unreliable. Legally, driving is a privilege, but as a practical matter, it is an absolute necessity around Southeastern Michigan.
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The Michigan Secretary of State's Office requires driver re-examinations in the following situations, after which driving privileges are denied:
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Since 2003, the State of Michigan has levied fines, called “Driver Responsibility Fees”, in an effort to help shift to what the Secretary of State's Office Drivers’ License Appeal Manual refers to as “high-risk drivers”.  .. Continue reading.

Under Michigan law, MCLA 257.625c, by using public streets/highways, we have all been deemed to have automatically granted consent to police officers, to test us for the influence of alcohol/drugs on our ability to drive.  There are a lot of details to "implied consent" cases, such as burden of proof and procedure, but a few points should be made on this general information website:.. Continue reading.

"Suspension" and "revocation" sound a lot alike; revocations are more serious... Continue reading.

My own view is that if you feel you need to go, then go. Click here for a link to AA Meetings throughout Southeastern Michigan... Continue reading.

I am linking right here, to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, and to their link to their "Twelve Steps", which you can click for further information... Continue reading.

After the period of minimum suspension (1 year for a first revocation; 5 years for a subsequent revocation, within 7 years of a prior revocation, the driver is eligible to re-apply, by requesting a hearing, on form SOS-257, which you can download here.  You will note that there are detailed procedures that you must follow, in order to get your hearing, and in order to put the right information before the Secretary of State, to get your license back.  You must be able to document at least 6 months of sobriety (or longer in certain other cases... Continue reading.

MCLA §257.322 requires the installation of a “Breath alcohol ignition interlock device”, or BAIID, when a restricted license is given following a hearing. Expensive and inconvenient, these devices immobilize a vehicle when the drivers breath exhibits alcohol content in excess of some minimal tolerance. Unfortunately, for the person who has not been able to drive for a very long time, this intrusive inconvenience may be the only way they can get back on the road. .. Continue reading.

Candidly, no, you do not need a lawyer to represent you at the Secretary of State, in a license restoration hearing.  However, more often than not, you will do better to have a licensed and experienced attorney... Continue reading.

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